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Parent Participation Day

  • Arrive at 8:30am and wash your hands.

  • Sign in and assist teachers in preparations for the day.

  • Teacher will direct you to specific area of supervision.

  • Do not follow your child around – you are here for all the children.  Your child will get over his or her insistence that you be with him or her all the time.

  • Let children do their own art – do not do the art for the children.  This is their opportunity for self-expression and creativity.

  • Initiate conversations with open-ended questions. 

  • Be prepared to stay until all the children have been picked up and the classroom is ready for the next day.

  • Don’t hurry.  Focus on the children, observe, interact, and initiate conversations.  The parents' involvement in each activity directly influences the quality of the children’s experience. 


If you are unable to participate on your scheduled day, you are responsible to find a substitute.

  • Call a parent to arrange trading your day with one of theirs

  • Call a paid substitute parent for which you will pay and you will get credit for participating that day.  Paid substitute parent is $50 per day.

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