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Welcome Letter

In 1972, a group of hard-working, dedicated parents established Irvine Community Nursery School and it continues today as a non-profit corporation.  This is a remarkable accomplishment when one considers the fact that ICNS has been owned and operated all these years by the families it has served and continues to serve.  New families joining our school this year are adding their names to the long list of parents and children who have played, established friendships, and worked diligently to create an excellent preschool program that enriches the lives of all its member families.


Did I mention hard work, because parents will be working hard in the classroom with the children – mixing paint, making playdough, schlepping bikes, wagons, and sand toys in and out of the shed, tying shoes, changing clothes, wiping endless runny noses, and keeping our classroom clean.  But I must also mention the unique opportunity parents have to observe and connect with their child in a school setting; watch him or her navigate the new world of a classroom; make new friends; and be a part of a community effort to create a wonderful place for children.


ICNS is not a drop off program, but rather a get down and dirty, have fun with your child experience.  While fundraising, along with the parents’ sweat equity, keeps our tuition lower than most other local preschools, I know families have selected ICNS because of the quality of its program, its focus on the development of the whole child, and a curriculum that is fun, stimulating and engaging.


The preschool years you share with your child are very demanding, and physically and emotionally exhausting.  They are also very exciting as you watch your child develop and grow into his/her own little person.  Your participation at ICNS will help you learn about child development, how to talk to your child to get the results you want, what really goes on in school, and reinforce the bond between you and your child.  Enjoy this experience!


Each year I look forward to meeting new children and families, and welcoming back returning friends.  A heartfelt thanks to all past, current, and future families for carrying on the legacy of ICNS.


Donna Schwartze, Director/Teacher

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