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Curriculum Philosophy

ICNS has a developmental, play based curriculum.  It provides experiences that meet the children’s needs and stimulates their natural curiosity to learn in the areas of social, physical, emotional, and cognitive development.  In a family friendly atmosphere of play, exploration, and social connections, the children participate in the daily centers with the assistance of parent volunteers. 


             Activity centers in the classroom provide art, language & writing, math, science, and social/dramatic opportunities.  Outside play is integrated into the curriculum providing opportunities for gross motor interactions and social interactions.  Conversations between the parents and children are encouraged and plentiful, owing to the 1:5 ratio of adults to children.


            The curriculum is planned to support the goals for each child’s individual success based on the dynamics, needs, and interests of each group. Also included in the curriculum are the special skills, culture, and traditions that are shared by the diverse families in the school. These support the children’s natural excitement and joy of learning and provide them with a model of respect for all people. 

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