2-Day Class

3 & 4 year olds, a child’s first experience in a classroom setting

  • To provide a safe environment where a child can transfer trust and establish relationships with a teacher and other caring adults

  • To introduce routines and the concept of following directions

  • To promote independence and responsibility for self and belongings

  • To introduce cooperative and interactive play; moving from parallel play

  • To introduce tools and equipment to develop skills in fine and gross motor activities – paint brushes, scissors, crayons and markers, puzzles, board games, manipulatives, swinging, balls, sand and water toys

  • To provide experiences in literature and music in small and large gropus

  • To increase use of oral language in social situations to take care of needs and share ideas and thoughts

3-Day Class

4 & 5 year olds, building upon the 2-Day goals and including:

  • To provide experiences that meet the children’s needs and stimulate their natural curiosity to learn in the areas of social, physical, emotional, and cognitive development

  • To provide a respectful environment within which each child feels safe, accepted, and capable to maximize learning and individual self worth

  • To provide opportunities for increased social and creative interactions which encourage more developed oral language, interactive and cooperative play, and problem solving.

Class Goals