Annual Responsibilities

As a Parent Participation school, we depend on the families to make ICNS a thriving, successful school. Our families demonstrate their commitment to the success of the school and their children in three ways:

  1. Working at the school as Teacher's Assistants;

  2. Participating in fundraising activities; and 

  3. Keeping our school clean and safe.


Workdays               2-Day Class: approx. 3 times

                                   per 12-week period
                                   3-Day Class: approx. 2 times

                                   per 6-week period

Mandatory             3rd Thursday of designated months

General                   7-9 PM

Cleaning Days      Mandatory deep cleaning         

                                  of the school: TBD

Fundraising          Mandatory fundraiser (event TBD):

                                  $150 contribution

                                  per family.  Other optional


Chairship               Each family holds one

                                  chairship, duties and time

                                  commitment vary