Daily Schedule

COVID-19 Changes

The 2021 program is different. Please see here for the most current information.

2-Day* & 3-Day Class


8:30                    Working parents arrive to set up

                             for the class


9:00-10:00       Outside play time: bikes, gross

                            motor, sand & water, gardening,

                            dramatic play, literacy, nature



10:00-10:15     Clean-up outside & wash hands

10:15-10:30     Snack   

10:30-10:45     Group time: singing & movement,

                            book reading, discussions, birthdays,


10:45-11:45     Inside: free choice centers –

                             investigate art, math, science,

                             literacy, dramatic play


11:45-12:00     Clean-up & goodbye group time

12:00-12:15     Working parents – final clean-up

                            & wrap up with teacher

*Please note that the 2-Day class will initially dismiss at 11:30.  The daily schedule will reflect this by adjusting slightly the times for each segment of the day.  The dismissal time will change to 12:00 when the teachers feel the class is ready for a longer day.