Daily Schedule

2-Day & 3-Day Class


8:30                    Working parents arrive: Wash hands and prepare for the day

9:00                    Arrival of children at back gate: Sign in, wash hands, put                                             belongings away

9:00-10:30       Outside activities: Art, science, gross motor, fine motor, free                                      play ​

10:30-11:00     Clean-up, group time, and snack: Singing, stories, sharing,                                         snack (every child brings a snack and water bottle)

11:00-11:45     Inside time: Literacy & math and indoor games and activities

11:00                  Working parents: Start with outside cleaning

11:45                  Clean-up: Children clean classroom and prepare to leave

12:00                  Parents arrive at back gate for pickup

12:00                  Working parents clean and sanitize the classroom