Chairship Responsibilities

Each family is responsible for maintaining a chairship throughout the school year.  The list of chairships varies slightly from year to year. Four sample chairships are listed below:

Supply Management/Kitchen Organizer:

1. Inventory school supplies, maintain a supplies needed list, and request donations of supplies from ICNS members.

2. Assist other chairships that need supplies for their events, and make sure we have the supplies needed for special events throughout the school year.

3. Once a week, clean and organize the kitchen, including counters, cabinets and fridge.

4. Inventory food, cleaning and paper goods supplies and notify teachers if any supplies are needed.

Teacher Appreciation:

1. Organize cards and collect money for gifts/purchase gifts for each teacher’s birthday, along with any other demonstrations of appreciation you think would be nice.

2. Coordinate meal signups and special events for each teacher on each day of teacher

appreciation week (in April or May), to be approved by the Board.

3. Work with Ways & Means Board member to select restaurant; distribute

flyers for 4 fundraiser dinners per year (one for each teacher’s birthday and one

additional date as determined by Ways & Means Chairperson)

Scheduling 3Day:

1. Organize the sign-ups for working parents during school days (four parents per day for each class) and make sure each day is covered.

2. Monitor and record how many work days each parent works, including snack days, making sure every family fulfills their work day commitments.

3. Maintain a spreadsheet posted in the classroom showing workdays completed for each parent.

Scholastic Books:

1. Distribute order forms to families, collect paper orders/money, place orders for class, confirm order is correct when it arrives, and distribute book orders to families.

2. Work with Holiday Party Committee to collect free books that come with orders for distribution to the children during the party.