2020-2021 School Year (with COVID-19 modifications)

General Information for school year 2020-2021

ICNS is a school that fosters learning, connections, and support for our students and their families through nurturing, play based classes for children, parent education and resources for parents, and school traditions for our preschool community.  While many of our traditions and parent involvement will look different this year due to COVID 19, we remain a school dedicated to our goal of serving the whole family.  Classes will be smaller and fewer and parent participation will be more behind the scenes than in the classroom.  As soon as we are allowed, we will happily return to the familiar model that has been ICNS since 1972. See 2019-2020 details for a more typical year at ICNS.

Classes Offered, September 2020       

(this is tentative, based on the pandemic and needs and # of families)

  • For children age 3 by 12/1/20 thru age 5

  • Mon, Tues, Wed, 9:30-12:00

  • 10 students, 2 teachers

  • Tuition:  $250 per month

Requirements for parents

  • Workdays: will be comprised of cleaning and sanitizing on a daily basis-1 parent, about 1 hour per day.  Days will be scheduled, approximately 1 per month, 3-4 per year.  Parents are encouraged to do 3 days at a time in a single week to keep the contacts with staff and children to a minimum.  On your working day, there will be no interactions with the children, except your own child.

  • Cleaning days:  deep cleaning of the school,  1 per month, TBD

  • Chairships:  Each family will hold a chairship. Duties and times vary.

  • General Meetings:  Once per month; time, day, and place TBD.  There will be a mandatory orientation for all families—new and returning—to familiarize everyone with the cleaning and sanitizing protocols and operating procedures. 

  • Other fees:

                Registration fee (non-refundable):  $100 new family, $75 returning family

                Supply fee:  $100 per student

Toilet Training

All children in the 2-Day, 3-Day and Summer School programs must be potty trained.


At this time, we cannot offer tours of our facility.

For more information, contact us.